What You Should Know When Working During Pregnancy?

There are a lot of changes when you are pregnant and your work could be affected. Pregnancy not only changes life in one fell swoop, it also changes everyday working life. How can family and job be reconciled? Maternity protection and parental leave are in place so that pregnant workers do not experience disadvantages in their jobs. But what rights and obligations do pregnant women have?

Inform Employers About Your Pregnancy

If you become pregnant as an employee, you should inform your employer about the pregnancy as soon as possible. Because only then do the provisions of the Maternity Protection Act apply. The employer may demand that expectant mothers provide proof of pregnancy by means of a medical certificate. He has to bear the costs himself.

Additional information your employer would like to know

  • When is the calculated due date?
  • On what date the maternity protection period begins.
  • Whether the pregnant employee still has remaining leave (and if so, how much).
  • Which projects and tasks the pregnant woman can complete before her maternity leave.

In the course of the pregnancy, the employer will also ask about the length of parental leave and whether the pregnant woman would like to return to part-time or full-time afterward. The mother-to-be does not have to make a final decision – it is more about rough planning.

Understand the maternity protection law

The aim of the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) is to guarantee pregnant women and nursing mothers the best possible health protection at work. It applies to all mothers and mothers-to-be who are employed, i.e. also to marginal part-time employees, trainees and homeworkers. It does not matter whether they are employed on a temporary or permanent basis, whether they work in a craft company or in the public sector.

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