How To Handle Emotions Of A Pregnant Woman

The physiological changes in a female’s body during pregnancy get lots of attention, but much less thought is given to the psychological changes she might be experiencing.


Besides her physical health, a woman’s psychological well-being and her psychological outlook may also play significant roles in pregnancy.


Throughout the nine months, a female’s feelings and moods can vary from the highs of sense nervous and excited about having a baby to the lows of sense impatient and fearful as the delivery and motherhood approaches.


Pregnancy may also bring up other emotionally charged issues, such as hard family relationships, insecurities, and unrealistic expectations, which could have been ignored or disregarded. In a lot of ways, it is helpful that a girl and her spouse have nearly a year to adapt to the realities of getting parents.

“Pregnancy is a massive transition in a woman’s lifetime, and it entails an intricate mixture of feelings, both good and bad,” said Dr. Mary Kimmel, medical director of the Perinatal Psychiatry Inpatient Unit and also an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill.


Kimmel, who specializes in women’s mood disorders, stated there is a good deal of problems mothers-to-be should work through both socially and emotionally. These problems may include: What will a kid mean for my entire life going forward? How can a child change my relationships, and will I have help from my spouse and family once the baby arrives? Can I be a fantastic mom, and how can I manage my new responsibilities?


Additionally, there are practical concerns related to bringing a new life into this world, for example being ready financially to get an improvement to the living or family on a single income, even if a girl decides to not work outside the house.

Pregnancy can be a fun time but it’s also quite stressful, which may cause emotions to run high, Kimmel said. She advised women to be conscious of their ideas and feelings, and also to get somewhere to talk about these feelings and work through them.