Being Pregnant Amidst Threats of Covid-19

The CDC recommends for pregnant women to take extra precaution in avoiding the Covid-19 disease, despite their exclusion from the vulnerable sector.

The Centers for Disease Control gives emphasis to the fact that while pregnant in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the body still goes through physiological changes that increase vulnerability to infections; not only from the novel coronavirus but from other known viral diseases like pneumonia.

The changes include diminished lung capacity, increased heart rates and what medical professionals call “distracted immune system.”

Moreover, Dr. Romeo Galang, an OB-Gynecologist who is currently in the CDC’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Team, said that physiological changes during pregnancy while in the midst of a health crisis, puts childbearing mothers at greater risks of premature delivery and miscarriage.

Nonetheless, CDC experts give assurance that vertical transmission does not transpire from mother to baby, in cases of pregnant mothers who tested positive of Covid-19. This denotes that since the virus was not detected in the amniotic fluid, cord blood or breast milk of the child-bearing patient, birth defects due to Covid-19 are not likely to happen.

Pregnant while Under Stay-at-Home Order

Not a few working mom welcomed the stay-at-home order not only as safety precaution for their condition, but also for the free time given them in planning for their baby’s delivery. As they will soon be statistically counted as one of today’s millennial moms, many are also researching about the Z Generation since they will soon be parenting one.

In all probability, they will have learned from the Internet that millennial moms have taken a different approach to raising their children, when compared to how their own parents raised them. According to popular surveys, millennial parenting is shaped by emerging technologies. They think, communicate, interact and behave as parents, while using smart phones, applications and other smart devices as fundamental tools.

In being pregnant and at home most of the time, a future millennial mom will have plenty of time to think of how she plans to raise her child. Since one is likely to be looking into articles and blogs of how to effectively raise another member of the Z Generation, they are likely to read about millennial moms who are inclined to give their daughters or sons more freedom and independence.

One of the reasons that gives millennial moms the confidence to do so, is because advancements in technology afford them the capability to monitor their children without having to physically hover over them. Actually, the use of every new technology available, including drones or quadcopters, in keeping track of their children’s activities, locations, and even their moods, have earned millennial parents the moniker “drone parents.’

Just a word of caution though, child psychologists say that going to extremes in behaving as a millennial parent can have adverse consequences. Children growing up while constantly being monitored under the watchful systems of their tech-dependent parents tend to develop a rebellious attitude.

Using a quadcopter to watch over a child playing outside, while a parent is engaged in doing house chores or work-from-home jobs, would have a calming effect for both. However, if literal drone-parenting continues in a child’s adolescent years, this would not produce the same effect. It could be taken as lack of privacy and freedom, at a time when they want to explore what life has to offer on their own.

What we suggest is to gradually ease up on drone parenting methods once a child enters his or her preteen years. As they go through physical, mental and emotional developments, they will likely want to have more space in which to evolve; and without parents looking closely into their every choice, step and move.

Since we are in the topic of using drones, you might consider using one in case you want to monitor, or even just view things outside your home while quarantined. If you don’t have one but are planning to buy, look for the newest types under the 2020’s drones for the money category.


How To Guide Your Young Teenager Better To Avoid Early Pregnancy

Desperate, Sad, Depressed, Cry, Hopeless, Loss, Concern

Do your teenagers feel butterflies fluttering? Take those feelings seriously and keep the conversation open. Then they will also come to you at times when they are dumped or struggling with their orientation. Or the worst scenario is when they have to reveal they are pregnant or had someone impregnated.

When it comes to sex, do not think that the internet will take over the information job for you. It is a huge information source, but teenagers also find many contradictions. You remain desperately needed: to adjust unrealistic images from the media, to discuss difficult topics and to provide correct information. Porn is up for grabs through the internet. You can say that your teenagers look at it. As long as they understand that the videos are rather fake, there is nothing wrong.

The more openness, the better. Well-informed teenagers start sex later and also do it more safely. Your adolescents go through their own sexual ‘career’ with a lot of fumbling and trying and with a first time several times. Between the first kiss and the first time to go to bed with someone, is on average four years. Teens will not suddenly skip a few steps because their love can stay the night.

Set Clear Limits Yourself

Provide clear rules and limits on how time is spent and enforce those rules. For example, two hours of screen time per day during the week as a leisure activity (not for school) and no mobile during dinner or when you go to bed.

Encourage Creative Use of Media, Such as Making Videos

Encourage creative use of media, for example creating a website yourself, building an app or making a video clip. There are more and more opportunities to get help, for example with learning to program.

Talk to Your Child About Online Experiences

Make the online experiences a normal part of daily conversations. Grab news stories and entice your child to tell: ‘How was it online today? Have you seen anything nice on Instagram? ‘ Don’t taboo any subject. Not even when it comes to the internet and sex.

Watch YouTube Videos Together

Watch YouTube together. Teens today seem to be so affixed with the site alongside Facebook and Instagram. This is the stage they tend to explore social media and attempt to create their own journal. They tend to go to the best place to buy youtube views for them to boost their vlogs or videos hoping to gain some views to brag to friends and even family. This is not bad. What they need is a little support so that you know they are turning in the right direction.

Also Talk About Online Privacy

Talk about online privacy and present yourself via social media: who are you online, what do you want to show of yourself? Make your child aware of the risks of ‘unknown friends’.

Talk About ‘Sexting’

Many adolescents have sometimes received a challenging photo of a half-naked boy or girl. Teach your child not to forward those images: you will greatly damage the person on them. Moreover, it is punishable. It is better to make sure that those images disappear from your phone as quickly as possible and to tell your friends to do the same.

Talk About the Feelings That Come With Social Media

Social media can be great fun, but there are also negative sides to it. Your child can get annoying feelings through it. For example, it may be scared to miss something if it is not currently on social media. Or your child will get a nasty feeling when there are no nice reactions to a photo. It’s nice if your child can talk to you about this. That helps your child learn to deal with difficult feelings.


Importance of Surrogacy Program for Soon to Be Family

The surrogacy program is a help, it is a hope and it is a miracle. 

For some couple that has trouble in bearing a child, surrogacy becomes their only possible hope. Yes not everyone can be fortunate enough to build a family of their own no matter what they make and no matter how much they have longed for it. But when the concept of surrogacy came, people have had hopes in their hearts.

This is why the surrogacy program comes to life to help people have families and to have women who are passionate about giving miracles to other people. 

Today, let’s talk more about surrogacy- its challenges, pros and the cons for everyone that is involved in it.

Pros and Cons for Hopeful Parents

Everybody wants to become parents but not everyone had the chance to be one. Basically, if you think about surrogacy for hopeful parents there is only one benefit you can think of, that is it is a way to make their dream of becoming parents came true.

However, hundreds of families out there who have gone through the process of surrogacy can assure you the pros of it. Here are some of it:

  • It completes families. A family can’t be much of a family without a child. Those who have struggled with infertility and even those LGBT couples who want to have children is the perfect ones to go through surrogacy. It gives them more life to their life.
  • It allows genetic connections. Gestational surrogacy enables one or both parents to maintain a biological relationship with their child since the surrogate mother doesn’t become the biologically considered mother.
  • It creates a relationship deeper. A lot of soon to be parents become close with their surrogate and their family develops not a third party to their life but a companion and another family member. It can also develop meaningful that can last for a lifetime.

Aside from having the cons, there are also disadvantages to it. Here are a few cons to surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy is really complicated. This is something that one can’t deny, surrogacy can really be complicated for other people or couples who don’t want a third party or a surrogate to get involved in their life. 
  • Costly. Basically, you are financing two life here, the surrogate mother and your baby. The expense will definitely be that big considering that you still have to pay for the medical expenses and pregnancy expenses for the whole 9 months and you also have to make sure that the surrogate mother is doing and eating healthy. Aside from that, paying for a California surrogacy program is really a bit expensive. However, it will always be all worth it. 
  • You need to let go of control. This becomes a disadvantage for some, while parents intend to enjoy a greater sense of control and involvement when it comes to surrogacy rather than those who opted for adoption. Basically, you will need to relinquish some control and trust your surrogate with all your heart. Which means you also have to not doubt them on whatever they are into. Trust the process, they say. 

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Where to Find Parenting Classes Online

Parents are using their tools available online and have moved with the times. Do mothers and dads need to rely about child problems on relatives for advice and with the click of a mouse, may get involved in an online parenting class covering all aspects of bringing up a kid. Some of the advice is rate from various sources and determining about what to choose board may be the toughest choice of all. The advantages of parenting courses are many. As opposed to taking courses in a concrete surroundings, then you may continue to keep your kids within eye distance.

The information available on the internet is huge. In the many sites supplying alternatives and offering free parenting courses on line, to the posts being posted from individuals writing about their experiences, picking up effective and new methods can help improve your relationship.

Individuals may confound since there are a range of sites offering advice, ideas and suggestions. This review should get you off although it is tough to locate a website that will cover every part of parenting. Web sites like parent.net, positiveparenting.com, familydoctor.org, parenting.org and parentinginfoline.com provide lots of very good info in various areas. You may even find parenting courses in udemy, so search for udemy coupons online to help you.

The internet is getting a meeting place in several regions of parenting and life forums are not any different. These surroundings have been at the pregnancy phase and are beneficial for. It is always important to look at any guidance with the practitioner but in different locations, swapping notes for issues is as straightforward as submitting a query and receiving responses. You’re going to see in the main and it is wonderful just how many individuals have encounter a scenario that is similar, people are delighted allow you to understand what worked for them or to provide suggestions.