Are those products are safe to use during pregnancy? Nothing feels better than a long shower after a day being pregnant. Since they’re not consuming the goods, shampoo and soap ingredient labels are rarely checked by women. Skin and the scalp absorb compounds found in shampoos and soaps, potential carcinogens and most significantly known

Two sodium based ingredients found on the rear of shampoo or soap bottle might be sodium laureth sulfate and sodium sulfate. These sodiums can be tricky to tell apart, but pregnant women need only recall “laureth”. Sodium laureth sulfate is a possible carcinogen. Based on study assert the ingredient is safe. The Environmental Protection Agency, however, lists the ingredient 1,4-dioxane as a “likely” human carcinogen. Some products containing sodium laureth sulfate contain 1,4-dioxane.

Women will need to steer clear of shampoos and soaps as the item could comprise 1,4-dioxane, containing sodium laureth sulfate. Products can be found using organic ingredients ideal for use. The general guideline is – “If you can not pronounce it, do not use it!”

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