What to Expect and Few Highlights of First Trimester of Pregnancy?

At the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will barely notice anything but… there’s a big chance that you are starting to feel the symptoms. This is due to the reason that pregnancy hormones are starting to flood your system and preparing your body to play as the host for your baby for the next 9 months. This way, you’ll be in line with couple of pains and aches, flatulence and fatigue.

While the symptoms are less thrilling to experience, keep reminding yourself that all of these discomforts you’d experience are temporary. The fact that you’ll be giving birth to a beautiful child is what you should look forward to.

Your First Trimester

The question is, how long would it take for your first trimester to last? Basically, you’ll feel it from the 1st to 13th week of your pregnancy. If you are uncertain on what week you currently are with your pregnancy, the initial step is to nail your current week to be able to calculate your due date.

Remember that your date may change particularly if your period is irregular.

The Growth of Your Baby

Now, during the first trimester, your baby begins to change from becoming a single fertilized cell, to the embryo that will plant itself to the uterine wall. As weeks go by, it will turn into a peach-sized bundle and starting to grow essential body systems and limbs. In this stage, the organs will take shape and the baby will start to move.

Here are some of the highlights during your first trimester:

  • Baby’s Bones – come week 6, your baby will start growing its extremities while the toes and fingers are at around week 10.
  • Nails and hair – the skin is going to take form between the weeks 5 to 8 with nail beds forming and hair follicles around week 11.
  • Digestive system – at the start of your 8th week, the intestines of your baby is going to take form and your baby will have a pair of kidneys with the final set on its way.

Yes it is true that the first trimester will put you through lots of discomforts like nausea, vomiting, fatigue and the likes.

You may ask your OB-GYNE for prescriptions or vitamins that you may take.

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