Pregnancy: Do’s and Don’t While Traveling

You will discover multiple issues when you’re pregnant. Usually, you need to be more careful about seemingly ordinary activities. Which involves passenger cars. Like we do often. Whether you are pregnant or not, the safety of your car is no exception. However, there may be some resolutions to questions about driving and cycling.

Do’s and Don’t While Traveling

Is It Acceptable to Drive During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can drive during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, there is an increased risk of baby wheel injuries on the steering wheel. So, especially in the third semester, you will be a passenger, not a driver.

Seat belts?

Yes, you need to fasten always your seat belt. If a car accident occurs, fasten your seat belt to protect you and your baby from injury and death. Whether you are sitting in a car, you need to wear a seat belt.

Take Note: Seat belt must be tied at three points. In other words, you need a strap and shoulder strap. Do not lower your car’s knees and shoulder straps in the event of an accident. After the collision, the shoulder strap also helps to maintain the pressure inside the baby.


  • The belt should be under the camouflage. It needs to fit the hips and pelvic bones.
  • The strap should be between the chest and one side of the abdomen. Do not pull the seat belt strap directly.
  • If possible, adjust the shoulder strap height correctly. Do not place the shoulder strap under your arms or on your back.
  • Use the seat belt to pull out the loose or loose parts. It should fit together.

Where will I sit if I am a passenger

Sitting in the passenger’s place does not accidentally affect the safety of the fetus. People sitting in the back seat are often less likely to be injured in a car accident. If you don’t drive, you can sit in the back seat. No matter where you are sitting, it is still important to fasten your seat belt. So Better try Goedkope taxi in Breda for a relaxing and safety ride .