Three Things Pregnant Women Can Do When Living With Pets

When you find out you are pregnant, you don’t really have to send your beloved pet away. You just need to do a little adjustment so that you and your pet can live together harmoniously. So here are three things pregnant women should be cautious about when around with pets.

Should You Avoid Pets When Pregnant?

Pet Fur

If you happen to have allergies and that you have pets at home, you will want to consult with your doctor on what meds are right for you without harming your baby. Knowing if your baby has allergies to a pet is not yet possible. But note that babies who grow up with pets are likely to have no pet allergies.

Pet fur is usually the source of allergy, so the best thing to do is to maintain a clean home for your family and pets. Get a good pet vacuum to help you get rid of pet fur without too much hassle.

Pet Litter Box

When you’re pregnant, don’t change the litter box by yourself. This could be dangerous for you because cat feces carry parasites that can cause infection to humans. The parasite called toxoplasmosis is especially dangerous to pregnant women because it can get through the placenta and can cause possible harm to your unborn child. So when pregnant, let someone clean the litter box for you.

Pet Unpredictability

In general, dogs are not a danger to pregnant women. Dogs are in fact extra affectionate to their owners during this stage. However, regardless of how harmless dogs can be, pregnant women should be extra careful especially when dogs are excited. Dogs tend to jump and bump when excited and you don’t want your belly to be bumped at this time. So if you think your pet is a jumper, train them as early as possible to avoid possible risks.

These three things are very simple but can help contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy.