Mom and Pregnancy Blogs For New Mommies

The number of mom blogs on the Internet is growing. Many give tips on pregnancy and childbirth, others deal with different lifestyles of mums, still, others specialize in fashion and design. Let’s look into the best and most popular Mama blogs you should know especially if you are becoming a mom yourself.

Little Kin Journal

In late 2014, Katherine moved from Denmark to New York with her husband and two children. You have started a new life, which is, among other things, the content of the Little Kin Journal blog. Katherine has been writing about her life in New York, fashion, leisure, and life with her two daughters since the beginning of 2015.

Little Kin Journal impresses with its straightforward design, beautiful texts, and photos in vintage style.
It’s the little things

Amanda describes her blog as our family journal about everything we find to be inspiring & lovely. She is a mother of 3 children and writes on her blog about living with her family in Kansas City. The blog is very personal and gives insights into the months of pregnancy, highlights of everyday life and the decision to teach the eldest daughter at home. Great pictures from the life of Amanda’s family give the blog a distinctive personal touch.

The door in the wall

Similar to Little Kin Journal, this is also about new adventures and new beginnings in another country. Vie and Madelon founded the blog to stay in touch when Madelon moved from Europe to the United States. The door in the wall lives according to the motto: 2 girls, 1 blog.

The beautiful aesthetic pictures that fill the blog offer insight into the lives of the two mothers. At the center are the children of Vie and Madelon, who form the motifs of the numerous photos.

Capital mom

Elegant, sexy, cool, interesting – the modern mom combines numerous properties. Hauptstadtmutti has set itself the goal of presenting different mothers in Germany and beyond on her blog. What do a mom from Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, or London have in common? They all embody their own style and manage to balance family, leisure, and work. Numerous portraits of these mothers can be found on the page of the capital mum.

We particularly like the varied, colorful mix of different topics. In addition to portraits, it is also about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and children’s topics. In addition, the masters of creation are skillfully staged. The “Dads” category includes portraits of fashionable fathers, gadgets, and tools for men and the latest fashion trends.

Hauptstadtmutti is creative, funny, informative, and style-conscious; a mixture that we like very much.

Little Years

Little Years describes itself as a “blogzine for modern parents”. (Expectant) mums and dads should find inspiration and information about family, lifestyle and leisure. An important part of the site contains portraits of mothers and fathers and their individual lives. Experiences are imparted and a multifaceted view of the life of women who create the balancing act between being a parent and “other” life.

In the blog section, you can find personal experiences of Isabel and Marie and their everyday life. You can also find features of lifestyle products and practical tips on all life situations.

Little Years conveys the importance of the mother role and the opportunity to live one’s individuality without having to consider the stereotypical ideas in our society.


What started as a Facebook page in April 2013 has now become the mom blog Mom4Mom. Catrin had the idea that other mothers could send questions anonymously on Facebook, which should then be answered by the community. After the concept was very well received and to provide an appropriate archive for the whole, the corresponding blog was created.
Mom4Mom is all about advice, tips and tricks and sharing experiences on the topics of baby, pregnancy, nutrition and medicine. We really like the community idea of the blog and the numerous practical examples and experience reports.

Mother’s Finest

Isabelle founded Mother’s Finest while pregnant with her third child in 2013. The blog is very versatile and varied. In addition, the personal side of Isabelle comes out very strongly. She likes to write about her two sons and her little daughter.

With all the different topics that are taken up, Isabelle never loses sight of the essentials and combines all of this with an eye for lifestyle, shopping, beauty and fashion. Mother’s Finest is a blog with news and ideas for women who also like fashion, beauty and inspiration as a mother and would like to be up to date!

Beauty Mami

Mihaela writes on Beauty Mami why she loves being a mom and at the same time is interested in fashion and beauty. It shows how you can be a loving mother and a fashion-conscious woman at the same time.

I would like to compare my blog with my handbag. There is space for dolls and pacifiers, as well as for lip gloss, hand cream and mirrors! I blog about everything a trendy mom’s heart desires.

Le Babypop

The 22-year-old Lotta writes on Le Baby Pop about her everyday life as a young mom. She currently lives in Vienna with her great love Basti and her son Oskar. Le Baby Pop is somewhat reminiscent of a diary in which Lotta records the things that keep her busy. The personal is mixed with fashion and beauty tips, creative DIYs and delicious recipe ideas.
That was the first part of our recommendations for mom blogs that you must read. Which mom blogs do you like to read? Please leave us a comment with your tips and discoveries!

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